ACE Elementary School

ACE Elementary School is our preparatory school which is primarily concerned with the entrance test preparation for Aitchison College. Our signature three-year Primary program includes kindergarten, prepares children for first grade who are appearing Aitchison College Entrance Test. Students from age from 3-6 are welcome to join at any stage.At ACE Elementary School, children are provided with an interactive, hands-on and educational environment so they can become self-motivated, confident and successful learners. They are free to explore their senses to fully understand the world around them and are provided with invaluable security and consistency.

Self discipline, diligence, obedience, hard work, perseverance, patience, love of the environment, logical thinking, emotional well-being, acquiring new skills and competencies are the attributes we espouse and endeavor to inculcate among our students.

Through our exceptional coaching and discipline students have a competitive edge in preparing for Aitchison College Entry Tests.

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