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About ACE Elementary School

ACE Prep has recently introduced a three-year Primary program which includes kindergarten, prepares children for first grade 3-5, 4-5 and 5-6 year olds are welcome to join at any stage. Children are provided with an interactive, hands-on and educational environment so they can become self-motivated, confident and successful learners. They are free to explore their senses to fully understand the world around them and are provided with invaluable security and consistency.

Self discipline, diligence, obedience, hard work, perseverance, patience, love of the environment, logical thinking, emotional well-being, acquiring new skills and competencies are the attributes we espouse and endeavor to inculcate among our students.

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ACE Prep is the pioneer in prepping Aitchison College entrance aspirants. Furthermore, ACE is the most prestigious preparatory centre for O and A Levels and SAT Prep

Best Environment

We espouse the highest academic standards, creating a friendly atmosphere that is conducive for learning.

Best Teachers

Our unique faculty provides a customized approach for each student.

Best Results

We help hundreds of students each year in acing their exams and achieving their best potential. ACE has 99% positive feedback from parents and students.