Pioneered by Mrs. Sheraz in 1999, ACE Prep started as "Aitchison College Entrance Prep”, with a mission to provide superior academic training to students aspiring to take the annual entrance exam for Aitchison College. A newer addition has been the ACE Elementary School, which has gained its reputation for becoming the best school in Lahore. With top faculty, and a conducive environment for learning, ACE Elementary School slowly and steadily developed a robust reputation for being the top school of Lahore for O Level as well as younger children. 

ACE Elementary School has also been widely acclaimed for its success since its inception. With a success rate of more than 90% every year, ACE stands as the leader in prepping aspirants for entrance examinations, including Aitchison and Convent.

Today, ACE Prep encompasses the ACE Elementary School, O and A Level Preparatory Centre, and Graduate Admissions Assistance (inclduding career counseling and SAT Prep), truly making ACE the centre of the best education in Lahore. Our instructors at ACE espouse the highest academic standards and have been dedicated to ACE’s mission for the past twenty years. It is therefore an extraordinary experience to be under the tutelage of our renowned staff.


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Why Choose Us

ACE Prep is the pioneer in prepping Aitchison College entrance aspirants. Furthermore, ACE is the most prestigious preparatory centre for O and A Levels and SAT Prep

Best Environment

We espouse the highest academic standards, creating a friendly atmosphere that is conducive for learning.

Best Teachers

Our unique faculty provides a customized approach for each student.

Best Results

We help hundreds of students each year in acing their exams and achieving their best potential. ACE has 99% positive feedback from parents and students.