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Admissions testing process at Aitchison College is a difficult and strenuous journey for both students and parents. We at ACE offer the best preparation for Aitchison College Entrance exams and this video highlights the depth of our dedication. 

Furthermore, we have also answered some frequently asked questions on this page below regarding the Aitchison Entrance Test. 



1. What is the Aitchison College Entrance Test?

The Aitchison College Entrance Test is an assessment conducted for admission to Aitchison College, a prestigious educational institution in Lahore, Pakistan. It evaluates the academic abilities and potential of candidates seeking admission.


2. Who is eligible to take the Entrance Test?

The Entrance Test is typically for candidates seeking admission to various classes at Aitchison College. Eligibility criteria may vary by class, so please refer to the official admission announcement for specific details.


3. What subjects are covered in the Entrance Test?

The subjects and content covered in the Entrance Test can vary based on the class for which you are seeking admission. Generally, the test assesses proficiency in Mathematics and English. Refer to the admission announcement for precise subject details.

4. What is the timeline required for the preparation?

Effective preparation for the Aitchison College Entrance Test typically requires several months of dedicated study. It's advisable to start preparing at least a few months before the test date to cover all subjects thoroughly, practice sample questions, and take mock tests to assess your progress. The exact timeline may vary depending on your son’s current level of knowledge and the specific class for which you're preparing. We recommend registering early with ACE for the best preparatory experience.

5. What is the college's age criteria?

The age criteria for admission to Aitchison College may vary by class and can change from year to year. It's essential to refer to the official admission announcement or contact the college's admission office for the most up-to-date information regarding age requirements for the specific class you're interested in.

6. When should a child preparing for Aitchison start school?

A child preparing for Aitchison College should ideally start school at an early age to build a strong foundation in academics and extracurricular activities. Our Elementary School offers intake from March each year guaranteeing one full year of preparation.


7. How can I ensure that the right materials are sourced for the preparation?

ACE has had a track record of providing excellence in covering the entrance syllabi. Our staff is well versed and experienced, having a test bank data of more than twenty years. We have sufficient resources to cover the details.

8. How can I improve English?

Improving English language skills is essential for success in the Aitchison College Entrance Test. Here are some tips to enhance your English proficiency:

Read extensively: Read books, newspapers, magazines, and online articles to expand your vocabulary and comprehension.

Practice writing: Write essays, articles, and journal entries to improve your writing skills.

Engage in conversation: Practice speaking in English with peers, family, or friends to improve fluency.

Grammar and vocabulary exercises: Use grammar workbooks and vocabulary-building exercises to strengthen language skills.

9. How can I register for the Entrance Test?

To register for the Entrance Test, please visit the official Aitchison College website or contact the college's admission office. Follow the registration instructions and deadlines provided. We at  ACE Prep offer you help and guidance in registering for your son.


7. When and where is the Entrance Test held?

The specific date, time, and venue for the Entrance Test will be mentioned in the official admission announcement. Make sure to check the college's website and any notifications for updated information.

8. Is there a fee for the Entrance Test?

Yes, there is usually a test fee associated with the Aitchison College Entrance Test. The fee amount and payment details will be provided in the admission announcement.

9. What documents do I need to bring on the day of the Entrance Test?

On the test day, candidates typically need to bring their admit card, a valid photo ID, and any other documents or materials specified in the admission instructions.

10. How is the Entrance Test scored, and what is the passing criterion?

Scoring criteria and passing marks can vary from year to year and by class. The college will provide information on scoring and passing requirements in the admission announcement.


11. Can I request a rescheduled test date if I am unable to attend on the scheduled date?

Generally, Aitchison College may not reschedule the Entrance Test. It is crucial to plan and prepare accordingly to attend the test on the specified date and time.

12. How will I be notified of the test results?

The college will announce the results on its official website and may also provide a notification or communication regarding the outcome. Keep an eye on the official communication channels for updates.


13. What happens after I pass the Entrance Test?

Successfully passing the Entrance Test is a significant step in the admission process. Candidates who pass the test may be required to participate in an interview, depending on the specific class and admission requirements.


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*Please note that this FAQ is a general guideline, and specific details may change from year to year. It is essential to refer to the official Aitchison College website and admission announcements for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Entrance Test.